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Basic features of java programming language

features of java

in this article we will learn about basic features of java. If you want to start your career with java then you will know about it.
Java is one of the most popular programming language.It is currently being used in many fields. before we start writing writing code in java we should know about java.

features of java

There are many features of java such as-


Writing code in java programming language is very easy . If you are beginners ,Java is suitable language for you.

Object oriented –

Java is fully object oriented Programming Language unlike C++. The mean of Object oriented , java programs related to real life scenario. It support all Object oriented concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.


The main feature of java , It provide security that may be never defeated. Java programming language use Encapsulation , the mean of Encapsulation is A class can not be access by other class till the class gives permission So the feature of Ecapsulation is the main reason the Java is secure.


The Java platform is designed with multithreading capabilities built into the language. That means you can build applications with many concurrent threads of activity, resulting in highly interactive and responsive applications.

High Performance-

When we compile code writen in Java programming Language,The compiler translate it into Byte code (basically a Byte code is a .class file) is highly optimized so JVM stands for java virtual machine execute the code in full speed. The above Conditions makes Java a high performance Language.

Platform Independent-

The means of Patform independent is “write once run anywhere”. When we execute a java program it obtained byte code . Basically the byte code can be executed in any kinds of Operating Systems for which JVM is provided. The above makes Java platform Independent.

Last words-

So the above features make Java number 1 programming language. good luck for choosing Java to make your career.
Thank you.
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