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How to become a web developer : the ultimate guide

how to become a web developer
web developer

Think , currently you are using website for a particular reason. so to become a Web developer is highly brightened career . A web development career never ends.
If you are asking same question then you are a right place. Follow given instructions carefully.
To become a web developer you should know-

Who is a web developer

A web developer is a computer programmer ,who develop Websites and web application that can be access through Internet. The develop Websites and web have some specific features that the developer is responsible to build through his programming skills.

Part of Web development

1.FronEnd Developer
2.BackEnd Developer

Front end Developer is responsible for building and designing layouts, features, and appearance of a website. This role is also known as web designer.

BackEnd Web Developer is responsible for building the driving system of a website. They are responsible for the work of websites. A backend developer works with databases.

so the developer who work with above two technology is called Full stack Web developer.

Skills :web developer should know

A web developer should know following basic languages to start web development , such as-

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HTML is a markup language. It’s stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Its is a basic language that structures the content and layout of the web page.


CSS is a style sheet language that is used to style a HTML document. It”s stands for Cascading Style sheet. To giving a look and feel to a website , we use this language.


JavaScript is a front-end scripting language, which is executed in the client browser. It is widely used by web developers and helps to provide a great user experience to visitors. Learning JavaScript is extremely important for front-end coders.


jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify JavaScript Document. It is widely used and every front-end developer is expected to be able to use it. As it’s a JS library, you should learn it once you are comfortable with standard JavaScript.


Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework, which provides a base for responsive websites. Since its creation in 2011, its popularity has never stopped growing. Bootstrap now powers millions of websites. As the most popular CSS framework, it is mandatory that you learn to use it once comfortable enough with HTML and CSS.

Php –

PHP is a server-side language . It is the most widely used for server side scripting . A back-end web developer must have sufficient PHP skills to create a web application that interact with server.


MySQL is a free and open-source database, we mostly to store the data of a website. You should learn the SQL language, as well as database management through both SSH and the PHP MyAdmin tool.

Last words

Follow above instructions for becoming a website developer . IF you want to Become then don’t wait just Start learning.
Thank you.

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