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How to become a Web Developer In 2021 – complete roadmap

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Okay so you have choosen your carrier path as a web developer , but want to know how to get started with web development. Don’t worry in this post we are going to see how to become a web developer 2021 and what skills we should have to become a successful web developer.

Steps to learn Web development

Here are some step we should follow to get started with web devlopment.

  • Learn how a website works.
  • Learn HTML , CSS and JavaScript.
  • Start learning Responsive design ,learn SASS or any CSS framework , JavaScript libraries or frameworks.
  • Learn basics of back-end development like – what is server , database and choose a language for back-end development

What is web development ?

Before we jump some nitty-gritty of the languages and frameworks, it is really important to know what exactly your work will be. What you will be doing as a web dev. Without knowledge of the web, you can’t become a good developer.

In one sentence The web development is a process of building or developing a website or a web application.

What a web developer?

The web developer is responsible for writing the code that tells a website how it should function. A web developer is not just write code rather they build the website in a certain way so that the end-user or website visitor should have the minimum difficulty while navigating or using the website.

So a web devloper brings ideas to life by using thier coding skills.

Types of web developers

there are mainly three types of web developers –

  • Front end web developer
  • Back-end web developer
  • Full stack web developer

“Front end” means that you’re dealing mainly with the client side. It’s called the “front end” because it’s what you can see in the browser. Conversely, the “back end” is the part of the website that you can’t really see, but it handles a lot of the logic and functionality that is necessary for everything to work.

For example when we go to a restaurant and ordered something , the waiter takes our orders and serve the items. behind the scene many things happens to process our order. So there are also two part first what we see and second the process thats happens behind the scene.

In simple word what we see in a website is the Front end and the back end is a logical part that helps to provide functionalities.

The combination of Front end , Back-end and some other techniques is known as Full stack web devlopment.

Tools for web devlopers

There are some neccessary tools a developer should have.

  • Code Editor – A code editor is a primary tool that help us to write a code to build a website . There are several code editors are available such as visual studio code , sublime , atom , notepad++ and many mores.
  • Web Browser – a web browser is a software that help us to browser a website. The browsers are chrome , safari , firefox etc.
  • Figma or other designing tools.

Front end skills

Here are some basic skill you should learn as a front end development


HTML is a markup language. It’s stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Its is a basic language that structures the content and layout of the web page. For example you can create heading by using heading tags like – <h1></h1> , <h2></h2>…………<h6></h6> etc.


CSS is a style sheet language that is used to style a HTML document. It”s stands for Cascading Style sheet. To giving a look and feel to a website , we use this language. We can set background color , font size almost erything to control look of a website.


JavaScript is a front-end scripting language, which is executed in the client browser. It is widely used by web developers and helps to provide a great user experience to visitors. Learning JavaScript is extremely important for front-end coders.

Resources to learn front end technologies

When people ask for resources to learn HTML CSS and JavaScript , i usually recommend them these resources-

  • w3schools
  • freecodecamp
  • khan acedamy
  • udemy
  • treehouse

Additional skills for front end

Once you have the basics of front-end down, there are some more intermediate skills that you will want to learn. I recommend that you look at the following: Sass, responsive design, and a JavaScript framework.

Back-end skills

here are some basics skills or technologies for the backend development.


the server is the computer where all the website files, the database, and other components are stored.Traditional servers run on operating systems such as Linux or Windows. They’re considered “centralized” because everything– the website files, back-end code, and data are stored together on the server.

Programming language

On the server , we need to use a programming language to create logic and fuctionalities for website . It helps us to create dynamic website or interact with databases. Some popular languages for back-end are-

  • PHP
  • java
  • c#
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Ruby


databases are the technologies to store data on a server . There are two types of database – SQL and noSQL database . Some popular database are-

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB

Additional Tools

As a web developer we should also learn about Version Controlling Systems such as git.


Go and start learning the web development.

Keep Coding..

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