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Introduction to React- ReactJS complete course

Today we are going to start a complete course on React.JS . It is first lesson of React JS , in this lecture we will see introduction to react js and why we should use it and why it is so popular to build a amazing frontend. so let’s start.

What is React.JS

React js is a JavaScript library introduce by the facebook . ReactJS ia an open source JavaScript library used to develop User Interfaces. React JS is concerned with the component that utilizes the javaScript with a HTML like syntax called JSX. It is a component based JavaScript library.

History of React.JS

React first develop and designed by Jordan Walke who was a member of Facebook team in 2011. The main purpose of Developing React is – when we reload the facebook news feed page for viewing the changes then the whole page of Facebook have to refresh but Using React we can see the changes on a page without refreshing the entire page that’s main reason why React has been developed. In 2013 React JS become a open source JavaScript library.

Why React?

there are many reasons that makes React a pupolar JavaScipt library in this time such as-
By using React we divide our frontend in several resuable component. for example now at this time on this website there are many components such as Menubar , sidebar, header, footer and content center etc.
By using it we can see the changes on the page without refreshing the entire page.
It use virtual DOM.
It is data binding.
Makes Application performance better.
Can be easily use with other frameworks such as Angualar.JS

This post was all about introduction to react keep coding.
Keep smiling ūüôā

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