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what is mern stack and how to become


mern stack is a trending technology that is recommended by many software development company . The Mern stack is a collection of 4 programming languages or frameworks.
Mern stack is stands for-
Before starting career in this trending technology we should now what are these technology and what they do.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database engine which stores “Documents” in “Collection” instead of “Records” in “Table” as in SQL. It stores Application data in own server. MongoDB does not enforce data Schema(Schema is a logical description of information stored in DataBase.) or Relation. It is easily to be connected with backend (Node/express).

React JS

React is a client-side library of JavaScript which allow us to build a highly reactive User Interface. It was first designed and developed by Facebook for newsfeed of facebook. In 2013 , React was open source. React is a component( for example you are accessing this blog there are many components like menu-bar , main header etc . these are components) based library this feature make it very popular .React render UI with dynamic data. Using react we can easily handle user input. React easily communicates with backend. It has large community on github.

Node JS

Node JS is a server side run time envirement . It is JavaScript run time envirement. It is used as backend language. Node JS listen request and send response. Node JS executes server side logic . It easily interact with DataBase and files of our web application. It is alternative of PHP, Java, Python etc. In Mern stack we build our backend as a API that stands for Application Programming Interface.

Express JS

  • Express JS is Framework of Node JS which simplifies the writing of server side code and logic. It is based on Node JS that offers some functionalities such as –
  • Middle ware
  • Routing
  • Funnel request through functions
  • view rendering
  • and many more.


After reading above topics of this article you will be able to start your career with this technology “Mern Stack”. This time is very good to choose this technology.
Thank you (:
Keep Coding.

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